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This is EOTC - Tamaki College's unofficial website. Tamaki College is a family orientated school committed to academic excellence at all levels and the development of each students potential. The college is proud to offer a wide range of courses and programmes designed to prepare students for both university study and trade based education. Students can check their Kamar results located on the bottom of the website. Enjoy your visit! This website is used for those who are willing to spend their time either catching-up on passed internals, studying for upcoming exams etc. We assure the person coming to Education Outside of the Classroom will be provided with the assistance needed to complete their task(s). Before the session, we will be holding a barbecue for the people to give them the energy needed for completing an assessment. We expect students and others to display their RISE values to each other while participating Education Outside of the Classroom. Our door is open to anyone. Please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have or come for a visit. We'd love to see you You can even visit the school website.800x350
"We provide an opportunity for young people to extend their learning" - Board Chairman, DJ